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PPI Refunds

How to claim back card charges Credit Card charges/Payment Protection Insurance Premiums: 99% Success Rate

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Unlawful Credit Card Charges

The default credit card charges according to consumer law are only meant to cover the actual cost of late payment or exceeding the card limit. Credit card companies cannot impose fines or levy charges over and above this level.

This is where we can help you - Due to our in-depth experience in handling claims for credit card charges. we have invested heavily in customer-focused systems in order to deal with your claim in the most efficient manner.

Reclaim PPI Charges - Each year, over seven million PP1 (payment protection insurance) policies are sold. If you have taken out a mortgage or a personal loan, applied for a credit card or consolidated your debts, the chances are that you have purchased PPI- even if you were not aware of the fact we can help you claim that back.

Credit Card Charges- By law any bank charges should be in direct proportion to the true cost. That is to say any charges for unauthorised overdrafts, bounced cheques or unpaid direct debits and standing orders should not exceed what is has actually cost the bank. Most banks however impose penalty charges of around £35.00 for sending out an automated letter even if the overdraft is only exceeded by one penny. The actual cost administrative cost has been calculated as less than £3.00 which means that bank charges of this scales are completely unreasonable.

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